Landlords Make Deals Every Day You Don’t

Landlords Make Deals Every Day You Don’t


Most landlords in the game today know their business inside and out. The stay on top of what their competitors are asking and what the market will bear. They know what deals are being done down the street—especially when they lose a deal to a particular landlord.

Here’s the thing: landlords do deals every day, all year long. As a tenant, you’re likely to do one every 5-10 years. That means landlords know plenty of things you don’t, and if you do a deal on your own, you’re likely to run into some trouble or end up paying a lot more than you should.

What can you do to make sure a landlord doesn’t take advantage of you?

Hire a tenant representative.

Tenant representatives don’t charge to represent you, and a good one can save your firm lots of money over many years. Tenant representatives are paid by the landlord—so why not engage one today?

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