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Here are some before and after shots of Rivard Plaza in Detroit, MI.
February 28, 2019Lynn Drake


Denise Dalrymple is the CEO of Girl Scouts of Southeastern MI. She is responsible for the administration of over 100 staff who provide services to 24,000 girl members and 8,000 adult volunteers through five service centers and two camps in eight counties in southeast Michigan.   Denise and I met at a ... Read More
January 29, 2020Candace Kitchen


  This building was recently for sale in Clawson, MI. The blue brick work gives it a compelling appearance, but when I opened the front door for a showing, there was no floor. Lots of luck to the future buyer.    
January 23, 2020Candace Kitchen


Why Did I Open Compass Commercial?    Before opening Compass, I worked for a large and exclusively tenant-focused rep firm in my area.  Like a lot of people who decide to open their own firm, I left because I didn’t feel as if I was being treated fairly. The management had changed, and the new manager didn’t treat us as members of a professional ... Read More
January 16, 2020Candace Kitchen


  Mary Rossi, Thyssen    I graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Science degree and a concentration in Accounting. My first real job was working as an accountant at Thyssen Steel in Oak Park, MI. Computers were around at this time, but they were rarely used, so we tracked steel inventory by hand on massive ledgers. I spent hours using a mechanical pencil to record ID numbers for pieces of steel. Mary taught me how to make sure the information I ... Read More
January 13, 2020Candace Kitchen


  Only in Europe could a bathroom be so small. This one is located in London. The entire floor was a black chalk-like substance. Surprisingly, it wasn’t slippery.    
January 9, 2020Candace Kitchen


  2020 has arrived!!!! I hope this new year brings you and your family health and happiness. Last year was Compass Commercial’s most successful year in business. It was an unusually busy time, as I was also awarded the Goldman Sachs Entrepreneurs Scholarship, which kept me busy for the entire summer. Stay ... Read More
January 6, 2020Marketing Assistant


The Closing
by Lynn Drake / / Commercial Real Estate
The title company will provide you with many documents for the closing in advance. Have your attorney look over everything to make sure it is all in order before the closing. I always look at the taxes to make sure they have been calculated correctly. Mistakes are easily made, so ... Read More
December 19, 2019Lynn Drake


One of my favorite clients and projects was working with the Girl Scouts when they were relocating their offices in Detroit. We found a 2-story flex brick building that was vacant. The space features a built-in cabin where the girls go for classes. I would rate this as a great ... Read More
December 17, 2019Lynn Drake


Meet the Landlords: Cave Man, Business Man, and Super Man They are all commercial real estate landlords. If you don’t learn anything about them before you lease space, you might be making a leasing mistake. Why do you need a commercial agent? Let me share a few things about the kinds of ... Read More
December 13, 2019Lynn Drake


In 2017, my husband and I visited New Zealand, and it is now on my top 5 favorite locations I’ve visited in my life. What I didn’t expect to find there was the creative reuse of buildings. My favorite was a former sheep sheering building just outside of Queenstown. What ... Read More
December 10, 2019Lynn Drake