Medical Office

Whether you’re looking to buy medical office space for your practice, or lease a medical building, you can rely on our team at Compass Commercial to help you. We are highly experienced in assisting tenants and buyers find the perfect medical office for their needs. No matter the size of the medical staff or the necessary capabilities of the building, we’re here to help you. Before covering our process for the medical office search, let’s discuss what you should look for in this type of property.

What to Look for in a Medical Office

First and foremost, it’s extremely important that your medical office is top-quality. If your patients feel as though the space is unclean, unprofessional, or unprepared, there is a good chance they won’t come back. So, purchase or lease a building that looks and feels great. Other than that, pay attention to the factors below when looking for a medical office:

Upgraded Technology

Today, it’s vital that a medical office has top of the line technology. Better technology oftentimes leads to better service and better answers to medical questions. So, your medical office space should be able to support upgraded technology. Whether it be capabilities for CAT scans or MRIs, your office space needs to suit your needs. If you have your own equipment already, you will need a medical office that can accommodate your equipment. There are different electrical ports necessary for each piece of equipment, so be sure the locations you consider are compatible. More than ever before, air filtrations systems are a must to stop the spread of disease.

Medical Office Space

Ambulance Entrance

If your medical office will have an emergency room, or provide specialized care, you will need an ambulance entrance. This is oftentimes a carport with a direct path from the road. It can be challenging and expensive to change a parking lot’s structure or design, so this is a very important consideration. Ambulances need to be able to easily enter your parking lot and drive up to your building, so your staff can access the patient in distress. If you plan on having an emergency room, consider where it’s located.

Great Location

Another important factor in choosing a medical office space is location. For one, your employees should be able to easily get to the office. Preferably, it will be off a major freeway or near other buildings, like corporate offices or banks. Second, your patients should be able to get to the office very easily. Patients are more likely to visit a medical practice if the location is easily accessible. The exception to this might be a specialty doctor. So, keep this in mind when choosing your location.

The Price of the Medical Office

It’s no secret that medical buildings tend to be expensive to run. Additionally, it can be a challenge to make a profit in the medical industry. So, the cost of the building you purchase or lease should be a major consideration. Be sure you will be able to afford the building, even if you have a slow month. However, you don’t want price to sway your decision between a great building and an outdated one. Your building should be inviting to existing and prospective patients. It may be that the more expensive location will be more likely to bring in business.

Our Team’s Process For Medical Offices

When a client reaches out to us, in regard to finding a medical office or building, for lease or purchase, we start our search by contacting our network. We share their specific needs and preferences with our network to see if anyone has a property that matches the specifications. Our team will then analyze the various locations to ensure they suit what our clients are looking for. Once we identify the best options for our clients, we present them for consideration. We ask our clients which ones they would like to see in person, so we never waste their time.

Once we have toured the properties the client decides to pursue, we prepare a written request for proposal on multiple properties. When the landlords respond to the request for proposal. Compass Commercial will prepare a financial summary showing the annual cost for each location under consideration. This allows the doctor to make an informed decision on which property to pursue. Our brokers do everything they can to ensure the client gets the best deal possible.

At Compass Commercial, we exclusively help our clients buy or rent properties. We never take listings from professional landlords, so you are assured of getting conflict-free representation. This enables us to specialize in helping tenants or buyers find the perfect medical office space in the Detroit, Michigan area. You can count on us to be your representative in your medical office search. If you are interested in purchasing or leasing, feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you find an excellent location for your business.