Corporate Office

At Compass Commercial, we are highly skilled in finding corporate office space that suits our client’s organization size, amenity needs, and budget. We have found that our clients don’t have the time to stress over the size, location, and price of their corporate office. They need a team who will take care of these factors for them. This is where Compass Commercial comes in. Before we explain our process, let’s explain why an organization needs a corporate office.

Why Do Organizations Need a Corporate Office?

Organizations need a corporate office because they need a location in which to conduct corporate business activities. The different departments of the business need to have a designated location to get their work done together and collaborate as needed. Although there may be other locations for the business, the top-level employees, corporate finance, human resources, and other departments typically need a central location from which to work.

It’s vital that organizations find the perfect corporate office space for their needs. This way, their employees are comfortable and so they can do business efficiently. However, not every corporate office space is suitable for every organization.

What Organizations Need in a Corporate Office

Different organizations have different needs in a corporate office location. Depending on the size and type of business activities, an organization will look for something different. However, there are a few factors every organization should pay close attention to.

Size of the Corporate Office Space

Every organization varies in the number of employees they have. But, no matter the size, your organization will need an office that fits all of its employees. You may get away with having just one building for your entire staff. Or, you may need several buildings for each department. So, paying close attention to how well your staff will fit in a location will set your organization up for success.

Keep in mind, you will likely need a space you can grow into. Perhaps your industry is booming and you expect your staff to double in size. If this is the case, you will want to plan ahead for this. You don’t want to move to another location again, shortly after purchasing or leasing your next space.

Corporate Office Space

A Great Location for Employees and Visitors

For most corporate office locations, top-level executives choose a location off of a freeway. When a location is near the freeway, it makes it much easier for employees to get to the office. Also, if your office frequently attracts visitors, such as investors or clients, this will make it easier for them to visit your location.

Another factor regarding location is the cost of the ZIP code. For example, purchasing a corporate office in the heart of downtown Detroit, Michigan will be much more expensive than purchasing a location in Troy, Michigan. Although Troy, MI is a suburb of Detroit, it will be much less expensive due to the different demand levels. Another benefit of this is employees commonly live in the suburbs, so this can make it an easier commute on them.

The Price of Your Office Space

On the topic of ZIP codes and prices, you will want to make sure your new corporate office space is affordable. Although a space may have amazing amenities and a beautiful view, it may not be worth purchasing or leasing. It is vital that your corporate office be affordable every month, no matter if profits are low or high during a particular period. If your organization does have a bad month for whatever reason, you need to make sure you will be able to afford the office.

Compass Commercial’s Corporate Office Services

If you are an upper-level executive, you may realize you don’t have the time to focus on the factors mentioned above. Or, you may not know what you need from a corporate office space. This is completely understandable. Our team is here to help you and your organization find the perfect location.

Through our network of commercial real estate brokers, we find properties that suit our client’s budgets and needs. Once we identify a handful of appropriate options, we present them to our client. We only show clients listings that truly suit their current and future needs, so we never waste their time. Then, once the client shows interest in a particular location, we show them the property.
When the client has chosen at least two locations to pursue, Compass Commercial prepares a written request for proposal to the property owners. Once the property owner responds, we prepare an annual financial summary on the locations under consideration so the tenant understands the entire cost and terms. Our team represents them, to negotiate a price that suits the budget and is on par with the market’s current value. We do everything we can to ensure our clients get a fair deal on their new corporate office space.

If you’re ready to find a new corporate office in Metro Detroit, MI, or anywhere in the United States, give us a call. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect location!