Lynn Drake

Disaster Recovery V. 3


Think back to March 2020, when COVID-19 started to take over the US. I was in Central America on a 10-day cruise as the virus swept the world. As we sailed around the seas, ports were closing due the virus. We wondered what we would find when we returned home. ... Read More
January 25, 2021Lynn Drake
Why Buildings Have Different Rates


I was showing a client several buildings in Troy.  The client knew one of the tenants in a perspective building.  The two of them talked and the tenant told my client what they were paying for rent. From that point on the client used this number as the benchmark. The ... Read More
January 17, 2021Lynn Drake
Disaster Recovery V. 3


There is nothing quite as important as keeping your business running even during an emergency. In early 2020, with the spread of Covid-19, many emergency plans had to be executed. In this series, we will look at the kinds of emergency procedures that should be included in your businesses plan. ... Read More
January 11, 2021Lynn Drake
Kasturi Bagchi Podcast


I interviewed Kasturi Bagchi on negotiating commercial real estate mortgages for my new podcast "Exploring Business and Life". Bagchi is a partner at Honigman, LLP. She specializes in the details of mortgages through counseling clients. Bagchi helps clients by spotting and resolving issues to help close real estate transactions in a ... Read More
January 5, 2021Lynn Drake


2021 Has Arrived! Looking back, it’s clear that 2020 will be a year we will always remember. Some happy and some sad memories will linger. The world was at war with Covid. While it appeared to only affect our seniors at first, the second wave seemed to hurt so many people. ... Read More
January 4, 2021Lynn Drake


What Do You Think? Motor City Dance Factory was transformed from an outdated flex building to a contemporary dance studio by the owner, Camille Johnson.    
December 17, 2020Lynn Drake


Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People   Unless your current friends own businesses, you will get a lot of flak from them about owning your own business. Friends like their friends to be like them. They may worry about your ability to pay your bills or balance your life. Don’t let their good intentions hold you back! Find new friends who ... Read More
December 15, 2020Lynn Drake


The third quarter of 2020 has been a difficult time for the office market. The number of vacant offices is expected to increase throughout 2020 and 2021. This is due to the decreasing demand for traditional office space, as well as the high unemployment rate in this sector. After COVID- ... Read More
December 4, 2020Lynn Drake


This community is working hard to attract tourists by hiring artists to install art installations. The building was located in an historic neighborhood, so I was surprised they allowed it to be painted. Of course, all of the UK is pretty much historic!   What Do You Think About This? Let me know ... Read More
December 3, 2020Lynn Drake


After an earthquake devastated the city, the businesses needed a safe place to sell their wares, so a container village of shops was set up. The locals liked the village so much that they kept the stores even after the area had been renovated.    
November 23, 2020Lynn Drake