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I was in the UK in 2019, and the elevator floor started with 0. I expected that the zero floor would be the basement, but it turned out to be the main floor of the hotel. I guess if it had a basement, it would be -1?  


  Rod Santomassimo, The Massimo Group   Rod was a coach when I was hired in 2009. He tested me, challenged me, and taught me how to move forward in my business. He agreed with me that I wasn't being treated very well in my position at the time, and he challenged me to find an alternative. As a woman in an all-male field, there weren't many employment options that differed from ... Read More


If you are looking for some additional funding options during COVID-19 check out this list of options provided by Mariyah Saifuddin. Click here: Funding Options During COVID 19.          


I’m guessing this apartment building once had a swimming pool at the center of its complex. Seeing it as I drove past made me curious, so I drove in and found this outdoor garden area. Several buildings have strategically placed graffiti. The backdrop is made up of painted containers.  


Compass Commercial CEO Lynn Drake recently spoke for the Troy Chamber of Commerce on CRE Strategies During COVID-19. Here is the video from that presentation.   You can also view the PowerPoint presentation here CRE-Stratetegies-Troy-Chamber-4-2020.        


Jill’s company consults with business owners to create retirement plans for themselves and their employees. They take pride in choosing a plan that best suits each business, including 401(k), Solo 401(k), Profit Sharing, Cash Balance, SIMPLE, SEP, and payroll-deductible IRA Plans. They provide insurance for Key Person and Buy/Sell Agreements.   Jill ... Read More
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Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England was built in the 11th century. I’m a huge fan of English Royalty, and I love learning about how they behaved or misbehaved! Having watched every special about the Kings and Queens of England, I was very excited to walk where so much history was made.    
April 24, 2020Marketing Assistant



How to Start a New Business

Got Money, Now What?   When I worked for Kelly Services as the Head of Real Estate, we had an ISO process that each department was required to complete. I recall thinking that this was a huge waste of time. Part of the requirement was to create a process documenting every step of all the processes in my department. The goal was to find where things fell through the cracks and then ... Read More
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 A year ago, a prospect was referred to me for a project. She was already in talks with another agent; however, I recommended someone more suitable to help her. She met my contact and didn't like it when he provided her with the true value of the building. She then listed the building with the initial provider for more than ... Read More
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This is a coworking space called Hubworx 360. The owner used their personal collection of furniture/memorabilia and creative ideas to develop this unusual shared working space. What do you think?    
April 8, 2020Marketing Assistant