Chatting Up Real Estate

Chatting Up Real Estate

Do you see a tall building and wonder what it would be like to own a space inside that property? Do you go on open house tours just see how others live and work? Do you want to become savvier in the real estate business? Come chat with Compass-Commercial. As president and founder my aim is guide you towards leasing, occupying the ideal space to sustain and grow your business. I bring 20-plus years in the local and national real estate game, representing everyone from Aflac Insurance to Spectrum Composite.  I’d like to represent your interests as well.

Some people need smaller space to conserve resources, others want to expand. Seeing the up side of buildings and high stakes financing is all a mental attitude. Tough times are temporary but tough people are permanent. I’ve worked with a life coach and a sales coach to help me launch my own firm, one that would be more agile, more approachable to the needs of small and large clients. I’ve helped over 2,000 clients find their “true north” the ideal space at the best possible price, reflecting the stated price and the hidden costs buried in the fine print.

I’ve helped the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society reduce its rent by 10 percent on all 100 offices around the country. Over three years of tracking all their leases, managing and negotiating all acquisitions, renewals and relocations I reduced their rent by $4 million. On the smaller end I helped Oxford Lakes Dental Care reduce its building purchase price by $335,000. The cost to buy the entire building was less than the purchaser was paying to rent.

Everything boils down to the art of the deal-making. As a planning commissioner for the City of Troy I learned zoning and bureaucracy, with a degree in accounting I learned how to read and calculate the fine print. With a masters in corporate real estate I learned to see the big picture and the human factor. I’d like to share these lessons in a weekly blog, one that helps make sense out of the confusing world of prices and properties.

Join the chat. Sign up to receive my weekly blogs. I promise you good information you can go to the bank with. I wish you and your firm much prosperity in this coming year.