So you plan on moving your office or warehouse in the next six months or so?  Now’s the time to plan for the big day and for months of smooth operations thereafter.


Here’s a fundamental game plan to ensure all goes well:


  • Appoint a coach, whose primary task in the pre- and post-move coordination is to oversee all aspects of the shift.
  • The coach will recruit his team members, based on experience, maturity and company loyalty.
  • Assign a crucial operations role to each.Prior to all this, however, the team’s president/owner must give his utmost in selecting a performance perfecting field. That’s where we come in.What size field is needed for this game? Get a copy of our needs analysis so you can figure out the size for office space. Or if it is warehouse space, consider hiring a coach who specialized in design and architecture to assist. We can help you find this coach!
  • When you are ready to hire your exclusive tenant rep coach, call Compass Commercial, ITRA Global at 248-817-5400 or learn more at<>.
  • If you need an office space needs analysis or a market study, send us an email to Provide us with your name, company name and email address. Let us know if the number of staff is 10 or less or more than 10 so we can send you the correct form. If you need a market study, let us know what type of real estate you would be leasing and where.
  • What are the costs? Do you need new furniture or equipment and how much will it cost to move? Is your current phone or computer system in good enough condition to withstand the move? Or do you need to put money in the budget to replace these items? What is the asking rate for space in this area? Have no idea? We’ll be on hand to help.

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