Favorite Landlords: Who Was Yours This Year, and Why?

Favorite Landlords: Who Was Yours This Year, and Why?

In this industry, one can’t help but develop favorite landlords. The ones who treat your prospect like gold. The ones who go out of their way to be accommodating. This year, I had the pleasure of working with a firm called Shaw Construction in Livonia. They were so accommodating to my tenants, I couldn’t believe it! It was amazing. I knew any question, any reasonable request, would be answered quickly. I can’t tell you how much easier my world would be if all landlords were as nice as Shaw.

Two other landlords I always enjoy working with are Danny Samson of the Sterling Group, and Ron Radcliffe of Trivest.

Who is your favorite Metro Detroit landlord? Let’s share, and celebrate, the names of the people or firms who have treated us with great respect this year! Here’s to another year of great working relationships!

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