Touring Commercial Space

Touring Commercial Space


I always enjoy showing our clients potential space for their offices. I find it interesting to see space through their eyes, rather than my own. I may think a particular space is great, they may not see it working for them at all.

One of the biggest differences between residential and commercial real estate is “the tour.”

A residential agent need only call the selling agent and obtain the lock box code to get into the residence. For commercial properties, the listing agent always shows the space. This means that if you want to tour ten locations in one day, you have to coordinate schedules with ten listing agents! It can be trying at times, and if it’s the day before a major holiday, forget it! They will not be available. If one agent is late, the entire tour is thrown off schedule. Then we have to let everyone else know we are running late. It can get complicated.

Next time your agent tells you they have to set up a tour, you will know why it takes time –  there’s a lot going on behind the scenes!