The other side: seeing things from the business owner’s perspective

The other side: seeing things from the business owner’s perspective

Having been in this industry for many years, I feel like I’ve seen it all. My experience working for a landlord, and then working in a corporate real estate department  before becoming a real estate agent was so very useful in teaching me all the sides of a transaction.

But what has perhaps been the most helpful has been my role as a business owner. I’m not sure I really took into account the risks that business owners take before I became one myself. Take, for example, the small business owner moving from an average sized space and doubling or tripling it. Now, I get it, because last year, when we moved to our current offices on Big Beaver in Troy, MI, doubling our office size, I was the one on the hook for the furniture, systems and additional staff. I’ll readily admit I was hesitant about expanding.

One of my mentors put it in perspective for me, asking me, “If you knew you were going to get $1 million in revenue, would you invest $100,000 in your business?” I took the challenge, and made the leap. It has been exhilarating, and humbling, too, at times. Sitting in the owner’s seat is so very rewarding, stressors aside. I encourage anyone who is thinking about it to make the move to entrepreneurship. Go ahead, get that bigger office. Forge your own way. Venture out on your own. Make the jump!

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