Giving Back

Giving Back

For those of you who have followed me on Facebook you may remember how a year ago I was doing 50 new things for my 50th year on the planet.  That year was one of the most memorable years in life.  I got to do some silly things like swim in the sharks, ride an elephant and a camel.  It was my attempt to feed the poor that is one of my favorite memories.  I called around to some soup kitchens to volunteer and you had to come in with a group or start with some training first.  I just wanted to serve and got fed up with all the red tape so I decide to take matters into my own hands.

I went to the store and bought these really cute red bag and little reindeer napkins.  Then I went looking for some of my favorite foods that didn’t have to be heated etc.  I bought all of the food which unfortunately included nuts.  I forgot about peoples allergies and hopefully I didn’t hurt anyone in the process.

Once the bags were assembled about a week before Christmas I got in my car and drove to downtown Detroit.  I drove around for several hours looking for people to give my food to.  One guy looked at me strangely as I handed him some of the bags. A few days later I went back down to Detroit with my pretty red bags and looked for more homeless people.  Finally after several hours I still hadn’t given all of my pretty red bags away so I drove over to the soup kitchen where they happily accepted my donation.

I pray no one choked on the nuts!  Happy Holidays Everyone!

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