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Net/Net/Net also shown as n/n/n - A lease requiring the tenant to pay, in addition to a fixed rental rate, the expense s for the property leased. These usually include the following: janitorial taxes, insurance and maintenance. Be careful with these types of leases or else the landlord will have the ... Read More
August 22, 2018Lynn Drake


August 14, 2018Lynn Drake


Janitorial Math Space Footage Leased: 5,000 Cost/Square Foot for Janitorial: $1.50 5,000 s.f. x $1.50/s.f. = 7,500/year 7,500 / 12 months = $625/month        
August 9, 2018Lynn Drake


Interested in learning more about commercial real estate? Whether you are looking to move soon or just investigating your options, it is im-portant to stay informed. Because we are a tenant-only, representative your interests are our number one priority. If you want to stay informed about commercial real estate, sign up for ... Read More
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The Challenge: Motor City Dance Factory was in a 5,000 sq ft, one-story office building in Southfield, Michigan. Their original loca-tion did not have high enough ceilings for the dancers and gymnasts. There was not enough parking, and the business had outgrown the space long ago. What We Did: Compass Commercial worked with ... Read More
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Sometimes tenants ask the landlord to build in the furniture. I was working with a client who wanted a built-in reception desk, walls, and then desks behind the walls. I suspected he thought this was going to be free, as it was part of the build out. The client was ... Read More
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How do you hire a commercial real estate agent? Thank you for your requesting your copy of "How to Hire a Commercial Real Estate Agent." Click on the link to access the article. If we can help you in any way, feel free to contact us by email at real.estate.services@compass-commercial.com or by phone at ... Read More
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CRE Math


Tenants Share of Taxes: If you have a net/net/net lease, then your firm is responsible for the rent plus a share of the operating expenses, taxes, and insurance. Tax Expense:  $1.85/sq ft Lease Area:  10,000 sq ft Calculation 10,000 sq ft x 1.85 = 18,500/year 18,500/year/12 months = $1,541.67/month  
June 15, 2018Lynn Drake


The Challenge: The State of Michigan needed a new location for their Secretary of State office in St. Clair Shores, because the location under lease did not have enough parking for their vistors  The State had outsourced their real estate acquisitions to 5 commercial real estate companies operating in Oakland County, ... Read More
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Wondering how much office space your business really needs?We can help! Follow the link below to our website, which will provide you with the tools you needed to determine the right size space for your new or existing office. https://www.compass-commercial.com/space-calculator/          
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