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Do you remember the childhood nursery rhyme, “The Old Woman in the Shoe?”  She had so many children, so little space she didn’t know what to do. Well, all her children moved out and she converted her shoe to office space. Then she hired a bunch of Millennials who want to ... Read More
March 29, 2023Lynn Drake


When I stumbled upon a job in commercial real estate, I found nirvana. I liked bookkeeping and enjoyed studying business and accounting in college, but I couldn’t see my future in computerized ledgers. I needed more action.I landed a job working for one of the biggest commercial real estate landlords ... Read More
March 10, 2023Lynn Drake


Here are some before and after shots of Rivard Plaza in Detroit, MI.
February 28, 2019Lynn Drake


Every year my partners from ITRA Global gather to learn from each other. In 2017 we took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. While there, we went to see the former Sears warehouse in Atlanta. It was a fascinating tour. The former warehouse now houses restaurants, stores, office space, living space, ... Read More
February 15, 2019Lynn Drake


You will need a commercial agent, an attorney, a banker, an inspector, and possibly someone who handles construction. If you are going to hire a commercial agent, do some research on who to hire. Most people think that every licensed real estate agent has the same experience, but that simply isn’t ... Read More
February 12, 2019Lynn Drake


Here are before and after pictures of the GM Plaza. Notice the beautiful water in front of the building.
January 31, 2019Lynn Drake


The Uniroyal Prominade is currently being worked on in Detroit and is part of the 5 year plan!
January 22, 2019Lynn Drake


The following is a map of the area covered by the Conservancy.
January 8, 2019Lynn Drake


Reuse or Misuse? A look at commercial design and art. Whether touring buildings with my clients or vacationing with my family, there is always something interesting to see. It might be an unusual building design, something one didn’t expect to find, reuse of old materials to create something new, or an ... Read More
January 3, 2019Lynn Drake


How do you hire a commercial real estate agent?Thank you for your requesting your copy of "How to Hire a Commercial Realtor." Click on the link to access the article.If we can help you in any way, feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 248-817-5400.  
June 18, 2018Lynn Drake