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Once the Purchase Agreement is signed by both parties, the only way to cancel it is if the seller agrees out of the kindness of their heart or if one of the contingencies isn’t met. For instance, if the building doesn’t appraise appropriately, and you can’t get a mortgage, you ... Read More
November 7, 2019Lynn Drake


Joseph Campau Greenway is part of Detroit's 5 year plan.
November 5, 2019Lynn Drake


  Meet Business Man, Business Man owns a business and has bought the building with room to grow his business. Business Man believes that his building is very special. He hopes that you think so too. He may or may not have taken the time to learn the correct way to charge ... Read More
November 1, 2019Lynn Drake


Once the terms of the letter of intent are agreed to and signed off on by both parties, you will have determined how many days to give the attorneys to prepare an acceptable purchase agreement. I usually ask my clients to have their attorneys prepare the purchase agreement, because then ... Read More
October 24, 2019Lynn Drake


This is a unique mobile home used for a coffee shop.
October 23, 2019Lynn Drake


This area suffered a massive earthquake over 10 years ago. Prior to the earthquake, there were no zoning ordinances in this community. After the earthquake, the city realized they had a unique opportunity to re-shape their environment. The following are examples of one of the public spaces added for the ... Read More
October 22, 2019Lynn Drake


Meet Cave Man Cave Man leases the least expensive buildings anyone can find. If you visit them, you will find they are filthy and have lots of repair issues. In fact, the roof might even fall down while you are visiting due to lack of maintenance. The landlord might claim the ... Read More
October 17, 2019Lynn Drake


The Deposit
by Lynn Drake / / Commercial Real Estate
When buying real estate, you will have to make a deposit. I suggest having the deposit due 5 days after the purchase agreement is fully executed. Don’t give a check to a seller. Find a title company that can be used to run the title and help you and the seller ... Read More
October 10, 2019Lynn Drake


Glowga is another form of yoga but at night! Detroit offers more classes along the beautiful river.  
October 8, 2019Lynn Drake


Queenstown, New Zealand Chard Farm Black water tower reused to create an interesting winery While in Queenstown, we went on a tour of wineries. There had been a black water tower on the property. It was taken down, and the sides of it were used to form the front of the bar, which ... Read More
October 2, 2019Lynn Drake