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In 2017, my husband and I visited New Zealand, and it is now on my top 5 favorite locations I’ve visited in my life. What I didn’t expect to find there was the creative reuse of buildings. My favorite was a former sheep sheering building just outside of Queenstown. What ... Read More
December 10, 2019Lynn Drake


We ate lunch at a rotating restaurant on top of a sky scraper, which was lot of fun. The views were great, but what I found most interesting was the glass sink in the bathroom. While it looked beautiful, it wasn’t very functional. The water pressure caused the water to ... Read More
December 6, 2019Candace Kitchen
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Title Work
by Lynn Drake / / Commercial Real Estate
A title company researches the property to determine if there are any liens on a property, determine the true owner of the property, and provide insurance to a buyer, seller, or lender against claims over ownership. The title company can identify a host of issues with the property. A tax lien ... Read More
December 5, 2019Lynn Drake


There are new recreational areas and play structures going up all over Detroit.
December 3, 2019Lynn Drake


And then there is Super Man, Super Man is also a Superman. His buildings are clean, his staff amazing, and his listing agents fair and easy to work with. I love showing my clients his space, because I know my clients will be taken care of over the term of the ... Read More
November 26, 2019Lynn Drake


Once the purchase agreement is finished, you have a lot of work ahead of you. If you put together the calendar as discussed above, make sure all the dates entered on your calendar are met. If an item can’t be completed within the agreed upon time frame, send the notice ... Read More
November 19, 2019Lynn Drake


One of the most difficult structures ever built. To learn more about this fascinating complex follow this link: https://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/our-story.html Did you know that the exterior is covered with mosaic tiles that are intricately and intentionally faced in different directions so that they are self-cleaning? Interior pictures of the Opera House are below ... Read More
November 12, 2019Lynn Drake


Once the Purchase Agreement is signed by both parties, the only way to cancel it is if the seller agrees out of the kindness of their heart or if one of the contingencies isn’t met. For instance, if the building doesn’t appraise appropriately, and you can’t get a mortgage, you ... Read More
November 7, 2019Lynn Drake


Joseph Campau Greenway is part of Detroit's 5 year plan.
November 5, 2019Lynn Drake


  Meet Business Man, Business Man owns a business and has bought the building with room to grow his business. Business Man believes that his building is very special. He hopes that you think so too. He may or may not have taken the time to learn the correct way to charge ... Read More
November 1, 2019Lynn Drake