Two Sides of The Leasing Coin

Two Sides of The Leasing Coin


What is the difference between a Leasing Agent and a Tenant Representative?

  • You will usually find the Leasing Agent’s name on the “for lease” sign in front of a building.  The Leasing Agent represents the Landlord, and is sometimes called the Property Manager.
  • The Tenant Representative Agent may be harder to find, because they represent the tenants, not the Landlords.
  • The Leasing Agent’s job is to get you to pay the most money per square foot as possible.

  • The Tenant Representative’s job is to negotiate the best rate and terms possible for you, the tenant.

Compass Commercial ITRA Global represents only tenants and buyers of commercial real estate. 

We believe it is a conflict of interest to represent both sides of a transaction. 

When you need someone on your side call us at 248 817-5400 or contact us online.