Sometimes, Break-ups are Hard, but Necessary

Sometimes a business owner will move into a building and it just doesn’t work out. It could be that the landlord acts like Scrooge from ‘The Christmas Carol’, pinching pennies and trying to charge the tenants for expenses that aren’t allowed under the lease. Or perhaps the landlord is an amazing person, but is cash poor and can’t afford to replace a HVAC unit, so instead he brings you a space heater to help you through the cold winter months. It could simply be that your business needs more space and the building is 100% occupied; good buildings tend to stay full no what is happening in the economy. Whatever the reason, things in life happen so let’s look to the future.

Understanding timelines is important to accurately set your expectations on the process. For smaller spaces, you may be able to complete a search and get a lease without construction in 4 to 6 weeks. However, larger tenants should really be prepared for them to take up to a year process entirely.

To help you better understand the process, we would like to share with you an info-graphic which outlines the timelines and specific steps that should be taken to lease space. Please send us an email to, [email protected] with your name, business & phone number, and we will forward you our infographic on commercial lease timing.