CRE Mistakes: The Kitchen

CRE Mistakes: The Kitchen

I can’t help but peek when I see new spaces being built out in the building that houses the Compass staff. Not long ago we watched in awe as one of the spaces was built out. A stunning kitchen area with a massive Island was built,along with a huge conference room with glass walls opening to the kitchen. The tiles, the flooring and the cabinets were top notch! They had two beautiful glass entry doors installed.

What could be wrong with all of this? Well …. This is what you might think when you considered how beautiful the space is. If they never used their kitchen I wouldn’t have thought much about it. But, it appears they buy lunch for the entire staff every single day. As you walk by their space, you see plates of half eaten food, and crumbs everywhere.

Now I wished they would invite me in for lunch because I get hungry every time I walk past their space, but I don’t enjoy the messy image the leftovers leave for people walking by.

Lesson: Do not put the kitchen in front of the glass double doors, unless you are meticulous at keeping it pristine.


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