Executive Suites

Executive Suites

What is an executive suite and why might you want to consider leasing one? Executive suites are a luxury, to be sure, but for newer businesses looking for a place to meet with clients they’re definitely something to consider. Executive suites cover a wide range of spaces; you can rent a single office or simply an address. Some offer a place for your mail to be sent while others will answer your phone. These sorts of office spaces tend to be in the best buildings, so image isn’t usually an issue.

The rents for executive suites can often sound pricey but once you consider what you’re getting they tend to be a very good deal. When you take a look at the cost of phones, internet, furniture and office space, executive suites can actually be less expensive than renting your own space and having to outfit it on your own. For newer, smaller businesses they’re often a much better deal. They give you the space you need, outfitted with everything you’d need, without you needing to commit to something you’re not ready to commit to.

Let’s face it: if you only meet with clients once in a while, you can work from home and save the money. However, if you have to meet with a client often and once in a while have the need for a large conference room, executive suites are the way to go. Might as well keep your costs down as long as possible!

Once you work your way up to needing your own space, give us a call. We’ll do our best to find you the most suitable office space for your needs and size.

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