Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

I’m going to be speaking at a conference on disaster recovery in a couple of weeks.  It looks like the universe wanted me to realize that perhaps my plan wasn’t so great after all.  Last week there was a substation fire across the street from our offices in Troy.  Our phones weren’t working.  So anyone calling might think we were out of business.  We were able to access email from my house so I asked the staff to come over and work there instead.

It took us about 15 minutes to realize our backup system that should have allowed us to work from anywhere hadn’t worked.  When we first accessed the system we saw the folder names, however when one drilled further down there were only a few of documents available.

While being without access to our database was an issue, we still had a manual back up back at the office.  We didn’t lose anything other than working efficiently for 2 days.  We did however gain important insight into our disaster recovery program.

When I talk at the conference in a few weeks I will be sharing our new back up recovery system.  I would like to tell the universe we don’t need a test this time.

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