Disaster Recovery V. 3

Disaster Recovery Part 3: What Should be in Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

One of the most important things to do for your disaster recovery plan is to make sure you have both a living will and a regular will as part of your disaster recovery plan. Both documents detail who would take over the business in the event of death or illness. I usually write a letter to the person who has agreed to take over the business. The letter identifies who to talk to get help with managing the business while it is being for sale. Similarly, it can identify a successor from the current staff.  You should discuss this in detail with the person you have asked to manage your business to make sure they have the time and ability to do what you need of them.

I asked my sister to oversee my business if something happened to me. My husband would work with her, but she can make the final decisions so as not to cause him more stress.

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