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Most residential and commercial agents need a source to help them look for space for sale. A multiple listing service, also referred to as the mls, is an online listing service where agents pay to post their listings. Depending on the rules of the particular mls, the listings may or ... Read More
May 23, 2019Lynn Drake


Mt. Elliott park has transformed into an area where kids and families can hangout. The differences between the before and after photos is astounding.
May 21, 2019Lynn Drake


After the earthquake in Christchurch, the city council decided to have a new museum built. As you can see, it is a very beautiful modern building. A hand with a face on it was placed on the roof as part of an exhibit. It looked a bit odd to me, ... Read More
May 16, 2019Lynn Drake


If an older building has become physically obsolete (i.e., the space is poorly laid out for contemporary purposes), it will devalue the building’s worth. If that building is laid out perfectly for your business and you plan on keeping the building forever, that is excellent. The perfect example of this is ... Read More
May 9, 2019Lynn Drake


This is a very special place called Soul Studio. Not only is the space beautiful, but they also do beautiful work here. This building is owned by Friendship Circle, which is a non-profit that helps children and adults with disabilities. This building houses a café, a beautiful banquet hall, and ... Read More
May 7, 2019Lynn Drake


Below are before and after photos of Chene Park in Detroit, MI.
April 30, 2019Lynn Drake


Before you go out and start looking at buildings, contact your local bank and schedule an appointment with the branch manager. Ask them to review your firm’s financials and tell you how much of a mortgage you can afford. Some bank managers aren’t able to do this, so try the ... Read More
April 25, 2019Lynn Drake


Even though the earthquake was in 2011, the city hasn’t been able to rebuild everything. The following photos show how the city is trying to keep the buildings intact until they can get the money and construction workers required to repair these buildings.
April 16, 2019Lynn Drake


Occasionally, someone will sell their building on a land contract. This mean the buyer puts down an agreed upon amount and then the owner finances the loan based upon an agreed number of years, amortization schedule, and interest rate. Usually, these loans are for 5 to 7 years, and any ... Read More
April 11, 2019Lynn Drake


This new area to walk along the river is a beautiful area for everyone in Detroit.
April 3, 2019Lynn Drake