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Interesting sculptures made out of branches in New Zealand.
September 10, 2019Lynn Drake


Meet the Landlords: Cave Man, Business Man, and Super Man They are all commercial real estate landlords. If you don’t learn anything about them before you lease space, you might be making a leasing mistake. Why do you need a commercial agent? Let me share a few things about the kinds of ... Read More
September 5, 2019Lynn Drake


Sometimes owners won’t provide much information about their tenants, etc. until they know you are serious about the building. Or, they might want you to sign a confidentiality agreement in which you agree not to share any information you learn about the building. This might require you to put out a binding ... Read More
September 3, 2019Lynn Drake


Whimsical statue in a front yard. I really love formal gardens like this.
August 22, 2019Lynn Drake


Commercial buildings are priced based on 3 criteria: replacement value with a deduction for depreciation (also called obsolescence), which is usually based on the age of the building the cost per square foot of sales of similar buildings a value of the cash flow and its return, which is called the ... Read More
August 20, 2019Lynn Drake


Meet the Landlords: Tom, Dick, Harry, and Pat They are all commercial real estate landlords, and if you don’t learn anything about them before you lease space, you might make a leasing mistake—a mistake that will cost you lots of extra money and stress! My clients often ask me if they need ... Read More
August 13, 2019Lynn Drake


Your commercial agent and your attorney should help you develop the list of things you need before making an offer, but here are just a few to consider: Are you qualified for the mortgage? Will the building meet the current and future needs of your business? Is the building zoned for your use? If ... Read More
August 6, 2019Lynn Drake


Never in my life have I loved a hotel as much as this one: The Rees. For starters, it is in Queenstown, which is a fabulous city. The best part is the architecture! The building is built on a hill and has no interior rooms. Every room has a view ... Read More
August 1, 2019Lynn Drake



Meet the Landlords: Pat

Next up is Pat. Pat took over managing the family’s commercial building when her husband was put in jail. Let’s just leave it there without any further explanation. On my first call to Pat, I thought perhaps she lived in California because she was quoting $1.00/s.f. and Californians calculate the ... Read More
July 25, 2019Lynn Drake



What is a Contingency?

A contingency can be thought of as an exception in a real estate contract (a kind of, “I will do this, if you do that” or “if you don’t do this, I won’t do xyz”). For example: We will buy this property if the roof is in good condition. We ... Read More
July 23, 2019Lynn Drake