What savings might one have from leasing a Class A office space?

What savings might one have from leasing a Class A office space?

I once had a client who told me he only wanted to see older, well-maintained buildings. When he found out our offices were in a Class A building, he couldn’t understand why we’d deign to pay the extra money. He asked us: what benefit is there to paying more for office space when you can get it for less?

We love our space for many reasons – but here are a few things you might want to consider if you’re looking into Class A vs. other spaces.

  1. Cafeteria:  Your staff will spend less time going out to eat.
  2. Conference room:  Class A buildings usually have a large conference room that is free for the tenants to use.  This allows firms to cut down on extra-large conference rooms.
  3. Employee satisfaction: You and your staff spend a portion of your life in this space—why not make it nice?
  4. Employee attraction:  Once again, there is a shortage of really good talent.  If you think future staff won’t take this into account when making a job decision, think again.
  5. Work out facilities:  Many buildings are putting small gyms with lockers.  Again, think about employee satisfaction—a happy employee is a long-term employee
  6. Maintenance:  Usually in these buildings, there are people on site to oversee the maintenance. God forbid something goes wrong; it’s good to have someone on call!
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