Right-Sizing Offices and Cubes

Right-Sizing Offices and Cubes


When I managed the real estate for Kelly Services across North America, I was amazed how often people told us they needed more space than they actually required.

One man had been with his company for 30 years. He had his office rebuilt even bigger than the president’s office, with extra insulation. He believed his position so mission-critical that no one should ever be able to listen in on his conversations.

Was he in the C suite?

No! He wasn’t even director level!

It is critical for your company to set up policies on which positions have private offices, and which should be in cubes. Otherwise, your firm’s rent could be way out of whack, and cause relocation in the future, which is an added expense to the company.

If your firm is thinking about moving, and you don’t have office/cube policies in place, we will happily provide you a sample document.  Email us today, and try our SPACE CALCULATOR.



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