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My Favorite Mentors – Brian Novak, Kelly Services


Brian Novak, Kelly Services 


I was working at Kelly Services for about a year when Brian Novak suddenly entered the scene as my new boss. It can be scary when the person who hired you is no longer your boss. Brian proved to be one of my favorite bosses. He had a good eye for determining who in my department was working effectively and who was not. He trained me on how to get the staff up to speed or let them go. What I most appreciated about him is that he taught me how to work with senior management at Kelly. Working with Brian, I probably accomplished more in a corporate setting than most people ever get to do in an entire career. We were able to bring in outside help to catch the department up because they were way behind when I took over. We outsourced the real estate department, saving the corporation thousands of dollars. I am proud of what I accomplished in this position, and it would not have been possible without Brians guidance.  


Brian, I hope you are doing well; so sorry that we lost touch. 


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