CRE Mistakes Series: Mistakes: Bookkeeper

CRE Mistakes Series: Mistakes: Bookkeeper

CRE Mistakes Series: Office Neighbors

Once upon a time I was the bookkeeper for a company that sold singing telegrams! We had beautiful offices in a high-rise building. To be hired one had to audition which could be very loud. The neighbors often complained so all interviews had to take place after hours.

As you look at space, check and see who your neighbors might be. Will they be loud? If you hear a lot of noise in the suite while touring, ask questions about the tenants. You want to be able to sit and think about your business.

I once worked with a company that made animated movies. They kept the lights off all the time and had music blasting through speakers. They needed a standalone building for their business! Listen for noise when you tour the building, check the directory to see if the tenants would be loud, and if your firm will be loud, find a building where you won’t bother the other tenants.


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