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Looking for commercial space to lease or buy? Want a list of questions to ask before you hire a real estate agent? Click This Image
November 3, 2017Lynn Drake



Are You Trapped

  Think you are trapped in a lease that doesn’t work for your company? Think Again! Compass Commercial, ITRA Global will save time and money on your next office or industrial renewal or relocation. Contact us Today!
October 30, 2017Lynn Drake



A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

What is similar to a wolf in sheep's clothing? A landlord or a landlord real estate agent pretending they have your best interest at hand when renewing your lease. NEVER FORGET: It is their job to get the most money as possible for the space you lease. Image from
October 12, 2017Lynn Drake



The Hidden Costs in Cheap Rent

For those who believe there really is such a thing as a free lunch and free rent, the game has changed, especially when it comes to leasing commercial space. Landlords are generally willing to give a free month, but the incredibly generous deals of the past are fading as buyer ... Read More
September 29, 2017Lynn Drake



Who Controls the Thermostat?

Your company culture might encourage people to flex their schedules and stay late in the evening or come in on weekends during crunch periods. Can your building accommodate you? Does it accommodate the hard workers down the hall at your expense? The big question is:  Who controls the thermostat? If a building ... Read More
September 15, 2017Lynn Drake


It really nags at me that there are firms out there who claim they’re representing your best interests when, in reality, they’re doing the opposite. Many are simply project managers and construction companies in disguise—not truly tenant representatives. Confused? Here’s How This Works: You’re looking for space, and you find a supposedly “good” tenant ... Read More
September 12, 2017Lynn Drake


Follow this  link to determine how much square footage your firm needs:
August 9, 2017Lynn Drake


We talk a lot about the importance of an RFP (Request for Proposal), and written about the top mistakes that tenants make. One mistake we see frequently is that tenants don’t check the RFP against the final lease. A good agent will do this for you automatically. Many agents will affectionately tell ... Read More
August 8, 2017Lynn Drake


Across the country, building owners charge different rates for electricity, usually based on their  climate. An electrical rate in Troy, Michigan will be far different than that charged in Phoenix, Arizona. Even in the same area, landlords can charge far more than their neighbors. Why? Electricity is usually a cost center for ... Read More
August 2, 2017Lynn Drake



Touring Commercial Space

I always enjoy showing our clients potential space for their offices. I find it interesting to see space through their eyes, rather than my own. I may think a particular space is great, they may not see it working for them at all. One of the biggest differences between residential and ... Read More
July 20, 2017Lynn Drake