Advice for Landlords and Agents

Advice for Landlords and Agents

As a tenant representative this is my advice for landlords and agents representing them:

If you don’t treat your tenant’s right I’m not going to warn my tenants about you before showing them your buildings.  As a tenant representative I hear from your tenants why they don’t like the building. If you have a reputation for yelling or not maintaining the building I will tell my clients as well.  If they still want your building for some reason then it is buyer beware. As a tenant representative I believe this is a very important part of the value we bring to the table.

We need cam charges and parking costs to do financials.  Every single transaction that comes thru our office we need to know all the costs associated with it so we can present true cost to our clients.

We need rentable/usable figure to make decisions.  You may not see the importance of high rentable usable figures but I see it as a cost my tenant shouldn’t have to bear if these are out of line with the market.  It is sometimes difficult to get a tenant to understand why a circular building is going to cost them so much more than a rectangle one.  By having these numbers and putting them in a financial spreadsheet it is easier to demonstrate this to my client.

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