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One of the most difficult structures ever built. To learn more about this fascinating complex follow this link: https://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/our-story.html Did you know that the exterior is covered with mosaic tiles that are intricately and intentionally faced in different directions so that they are self-cleaning? Interior pictures of the Opera House are below ... Read More
November 12, 2019Lynn Drake


This is a unique mobile home used for a coffee shop.
October 23, 2019Lynn Drake


This area suffered a massive earthquake over 10 years ago. Prior to the earthquake, there were no zoning ordinances in this community. After the earthquake, the city realized they had a unique opportunity to re-shape their environment. The following are examples of one of the public spaces added for the ... Read More
October 22, 2019Lynn Drake


Queenstown, New Zealand Chard Farm Black water tower reused to create an interesting winery While in Queenstown, we went on a tour of wineries. There had been a black water tower on the property. It was taken down, and the sides of it were used to form the front of the bar, which ... Read More
October 2, 2019Lynn Drake


Interesting sculptures made out of branches in New Zealand.
September 10, 2019Lynn Drake


Whimsical statue in a front yard. I really love formal gardens like this.
August 22, 2019Lynn Drake


Never in my life have I loved a hotel as much as this one: The Rees. For starters, it is in Queenstown, which is a fabulous city. The best part is the architecture! The building is built on a hill and has no interior rooms. Every room has a view ... Read More
August 1, 2019Lynn Drake


USA/Canadian fireworks from the roof of the Millender Garage for a 2017 Fundraiser during the Thanksgiving Parade.  
July 11, 2019Lynn Drake


Motor City Dance Factory is a client of Compass Commercials. She leased an older flex building and turned the space into what it is today. What do you think?
July 2, 2019Lynn Drake


We ate lunch at a rotating restaurant on top of a sky scraper, which was lot of fun. The views were great, but what I found most interesting was the glass sink in the bathroom. While it looked beautiful, it wasn’t very functional. The water pressure caused the water to ... Read More
June 19, 2019Lynn Drake