Success Story Motor City Dance Factory

Success Story Motor City Dance Factory

The Challenge:

Motor City Dance Factory was in a 5,000 sq ft, one-story office building in Southfield, Michigan. Their original loca-tion did not have high enough ceilings for the dancers and gymnasts. There was not enough parking, and the business had outgrown the space long ago.

What We Did:

Compass Commercial worked with the business owner to help her determine how many square feet the business needed and which zoning codes permitted the use of the space. We reviewed location parameters, identified several potential locations, prepared requests for proposals, and completed financial summaries for each location.

The Results:

Five locations were identified as possibilities. Requests for proposals were sent out to the top three locations. The client leased a 14,000 sq ft space at 21630 Melrose, South-field, Michigan.


  • The first four months were free.
  • The landlord delivered a turnkey build out, excluding dance floors.
  • The tenant received the right to add signage to the building.
  • The space included an exclusive parking area.
  • The lease included a renewal option.
  • There was a cap of $1,000 on replacement or repair of 4 heating and cooling units.


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