New software set to eliminate commercial agents?

New software set to eliminate commercial agents?

Recently, I read about new software that, on the surface level, does the same thing as an agent could do. With this new software, users input their needs, as well as how much they’re willing to pay in rent, and voila—the system spits out a list of locations and deals. As someone who uses Costar, which is supposed to tell us what spaces are available for lease, I find it difficult to believe this new software system will work.

After all, each deal is unique! We don’t send out the list of sites downloaded directly from Costar until we have verified that the spaces are indeed available. Another flaw in the computer system’s design is that not every landlord in town will be included – so you could easily be missing out on great locations without knowing it.

In addition, renting or buying a building is a multi-faceted project—and one that isn’t exactly easy for a software system to navigate. Complexities abound, and for now, I don’t think any computer system is smart enough to do our job for us – at least, not just yet!  If and when the time comes that a computer can complete my services, I’ll take my skills to another business.  Perhaps I’ll even be able to sell these new-fangled software that will replace my livelihood!

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