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I interviewed Tracy Taylor on Understanding the Designer's Roll in an Office Environment for my new podcast "Exploring Business and Life". Taylor is the owner of T-Squared Designs, a commercial interior design firm. She has extensive design experience in corporate, education, health care, religious, financial, and municipal markets and provides designs ... Read More
October 19, 2020Lynn Drake
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I interviewed Jumana Judeh on Understanding Commercial Appraisals for my new podcast "Exploring Business and Life".   Jumana is the president of Judeh & Associates Realtors. She is an expert on tax appeal valuation and professional testimony and consults and lectures on leadership development, success strategies, networking, and how to survive in a changing ... Read More
September 25, 2020Lynn Drake


My guest for this podcast is Janet Pasco, Market President at Horizon Bank. Janet is a collaborative problem solver and innovator with a passion for exceeding customer expectations. Experienced in many industries, she takes a consultative approach when working with clients to find good solutions that work for all involved. We discussed how to ... Read More
August 25, 2020Lynn Drake


I recently interviewed Dan Cassidy, vice president at SME USA, for my new podcast "Exploring Business and Life". Dan is a principal of SME, his responsibilities include setting and implementing the Environmental Group’s business strategy, setting and executing the Group’s operational plan, providing senior technical leadership, and managing liability issues. He also ... Read More
August 11, 2020Lynn Drake


Queenstown, New Zealand Chard Farm Black water tower reused to create an interesting winery While in Queenstown, we went on a tour of wineries. There had been a black water tower on the property. It was taken down, and the sides of it were used to form the front of the bar, which ... Read More
October 2, 2019Lynn Drake


Here are some before and after shots of Rivard Plaza in Detroit, MI.
February 28, 2019Lynn Drake


Every year my partners from ITRA Global gather to learn from each other. In 2017 we took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. While there, we went to see the former Sears warehouse in Atlanta. It was a fascinating tour. The former warehouse now houses restaurants, stores, office space, living space, ... Read More
February 15, 2019Lynn Drake


Here are before and after pictures of the GM Plaza. Notice the beautiful water in front of the building.
January 31, 2019Lynn Drake


The Uniroyal Prominade is currently being worked on in Detroit and is part of the 5 year plan!
January 22, 2019Lynn Drake


The following is a map of the area covered by the Conservancy.
January 8, 2019Lynn Drake