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 I had the opportunity to interview Todd Fenton the Economic Development Manager at City of Royal Oak a week ago. While we were talking the Mayor, Mike Fournier stopped by too. When we think of exciting change in the Detroit area we often focus on Detroit. Royal Oak has so ... Read More
November 20, 2018Lynn Drake


Wondering how much office space your business really needs?We can help! Follow the link below to our website, which will provide you with the tools you needed to determine the right size space for your new or existing office.     
June 6, 2018Lynn Drake


Lease Expiration Date:Most leases have a start and an end date spelled out in a lease document. The last day of the lease should be clearly defined in the signed lease agreement. The tenant must be out of the space on the last day of the lease, or they may ... Read More
June 4, 2018Lynn Drake