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November 8, 2023Lynn Drake
Tood Fenton Picture


 I had the opportunity to interview Todd Fenton the Economic Development Manager at City of Royal Oak a week ago. While we were talking the Mayor, Mike Fournier stopped by too. When we think of exciting change in the Detroit area we often focus on Detroit. Royal Oak has so ... Read More
November 20, 2018Lynn Drake


Interested in learning more about commercial real estate? Whether you are looking to move soon or just investigating your options, it is im-portant to stay informed. Because we are a tenant-only, representative your interests are our number one priority.If you want to stay informed about commercial real estate, sign up for ... Read More
August 6, 2018Lynn Drake


Letter of Intent:A letter of intent spells out the terms of an agreement to lease or buy commercial real estate. I usually use one when making an offer to purchase a property. It defines the location, price, and specific terms of an agreement subject to a contract being prepared and ... Read More
May 31, 2018Lynn Drake