My Favorite Clients

My Favorite Clients – Vinita Ghandi CEO, Pioneer Plastics

Pioneer Plastics is an injection molding company located in Madison Heights, MI.


I met Vinita and her husband, Rajeev, at the holiday party over 10 years ago. When we met, it was as if we had been friends for many years. Vinita’s company was in a very small building in Bloomfield Hills, but their business had been growing steadily, and they needed to triple the space. This was around 2008 when most businesses were downsizing.


We searched for buildings everywhere from Detroit to Auburn Hills, and we probably toured at least 10 buildings. As we drove around the city, we found that even though we had been raised in two different countries, we were very similar. Our friendship was formed during this period.


We ended up finding a great building that was double the size they needed, and it had the cranes they needed to run their business and the price was right.! I’m happy to tell you that their business continues to grow to this day. I’m thankful to have met and become friends with Vinita. It’s great when you work with someone and become friends too.



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