My Favorite Clients

My Favorite Clients – Denise Dalrymple, Girl Scouts of Southeastern MI

Denise Dalrymple is the CEO of Girl Scouts of Southeastern MI. She is responsible for the administration of over 100 staff who provide services to 24,000 girl members and 8,000 adult volunteers through five service centers and two camps in eight counties in southeast Michigan.


Denise and I met at a networking event to raise capital to support women business owners. Not long after that, she asked me to review the lease of her office to see if the agreement could be canceled. I reviewed the agreement and talked with the owners, but since the building was in foreclosure, the landlords couldn’t let them out of the lease.


Several years later, a year before their lease expired, she called and asked me to help her relocate their offices out of the Fischer Building due to continued maintenance issues.


Denise is the most dynamic leader I have ever worked with. She had a vision for the space that exceeded everyone’s expectations. She knew exactly how to work with her board, and, most importantly, she made great decisions. To top it all off, she is a great individual. I consider her a good friend, and I loved working with her on this project.


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