My Favorite Clients

My Favorite Clients – Art Bashi, The Art of Custom Framing

Art Bashi’s The Art of Custom Framing offers original artwork, sports memorabilia, framing supplies and installation. Art and I were a part of a networking group for many years. When his lease was expiring, he asked me to help him buy a building.


This was about 6 years ago. Not only had his company outgrown the existing space, but also there was water bubbling up through the concrete. The parking lot had been poured incorrectly, causing water to seep in. This would be an issue for any firm, but it was especially difficult for a firm selling artwork and sports team memorabilia.


Together, we looked at about 6 buildings over a one-year period. For one reason or another, none of the buildings were right. Then, late one Friday afternoon, I found a former racquetball court that had just been listed for sale on Rochester Rd in Troy, MI. We were the first people to look at the space. I knew within 5 minutes of arriving that it was perfect for his business. Art felt the same way, but he wanted to sleep on it first. He called me early on Saturday morning to tell me he had to have it. Each racquetball court still had beautiful hardwood floors, and Art was able to use these to show off the artwork.


Art is a fabulous human being. He is always positive. It was such a joy to see the final product, but what was even more fantastic was that his sales went up steadily from the day he moved in. You’ve heard of the phrase “location, location, location!”? Well, that is what he found, and then he made it a beautiful space to visit.


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