Meet the Landlords: Pat

Meet the Landlords: Pat

Next up is Pat. Pat took over managing the family’s commercial building when her husband was put in jail. Let’s just leave it there without any further explanation. On my first call to Pat, I thought perhaps she lived in California because she was quoting $1.00/s.f. and Californians calculate the rent by taking the annual cost/s.f. and dividing it by 12 months. Therefore, the rent was $12.00/s.f. for an office building, plus lots of extra charges, which brought the cost up significantly if you knew the right questions to ask.

One of my agents had a client who was interested in Pat’s buildings. When she called her to discuss setting up an appointment to show the space, the agent was told she “had her skirt on upside down.” I believe there were some additional words used, but I can’t put them in print. You get the picture.

If you are wondering why I have introduced you to this cast of characters, it is so you can see just one facet of the decisions I make when helping my clients. If I have a client with a very limited budget, we may have to look harder to find a landlord willing to lease the space out at a great deal. If you request to see one of Dick’s or Pat’s buildings, I will warn you in advance what to expect. I can probably even give you prior tenants’ phone numbers to call and confirm the nightmares experienced at these buildings. If you are willing to take on a nightmare, at least you will be forewarned.

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