How To Start A New Business

How to Start a New Business

Why Did I Open Compass Commercial? 


Before opening Compass, I worked for a large and exclusively tenant-focused rep firm in my area.  Like a lot of people who decide to open their own firm, I left because I didn’t feel as if I was being treated fairly. The management had changed, and the new manager didn’t treat us as members of a professional organization. I was, once again, the only woman working there in a professional capacity. The “boys” would meet every morning to discuss work; then, they’d spend the afternoon throwing a football over my head while I worked.  

As is common among brokerage firms, we had assigned territories, and mine was Troy, where I lived.  The agreement was that any projects that came in from the corporate office would be assigned to the person responsible for the territory in which they belongedWhile making copies one afternoon, I found referral paperwork in the copy machine. To my surprise, a referral had come into my territory, and it had been given to one of the “boys.  When I inquired as to why it didn’t come to me, the response was more than a little frustrating. Apparently, I made a lot of money and the football players didn’t, so one of them got the referral even though it should have come to me. 

Corporate wasn’t interested in addressing the situation, at which point I figured there was no reason to stay. I worked out a plan to leave, and Compass Commercial was born. 


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