How To Start A New Business

How to Start a New Business

Finding a place to operate the business 

As a commercial realtor, this should be easy right? Finding the space wasn’t an issue, but my limited budget wasAs a single mom in 2010, with one child and a big house to pay for, it was easy to imagine the vacant bedrooms as offices. Since I didn’t want to look like a business operating out of my house, I rented a Post Office Box out of the United Parcel office, which provided a real address. Rather than state that I was using a PO Box, we called it a suite, and no one caught on. Today, this is much easier, as there are many places that will lease you a single office, where you can put as many people as you want in a room. To learn how to find your first office, please read my book, Do You Speak Lease, or contact us at for help finding your own executive suite. 


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