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Co-vid 19 Resources

As we all struggle to deal with this pandemic, Compass Commercial has put together some helpful resources we would like to share: 12 Point Plan for Workplace Re-entry Service/Products Suppliers to help get your space ready for occupancy Commercial Real Estate Strategies on how to approach your Landlord about rental ... Read More
May 21, 2020Lynn Drake


I was in the UK in 2019, and the elevator floor started with 0. I expected that the zero floor would be the basement, but it turned out to be the main floor of the hotel. I guess if it had a basement, it would be -1?  
May 18, 2020Lynn Drake


If you are looking for some additional funding options during COVID-19 check out this list of options provided by Mariyah Saifuddin. Click here: Funding Options During COVID 19.          
May 11, 2020Lynn Drake


I’m guessing this apartment building once had a swimming pool at the center of its complex. Seeing it as I drove past made me curious, so I drove in and found this outdoor garden area. Several buildings have strategically placed graffiti. The backdrop is made up of painted containers.  
May 7, 2020Lynn Drake


Compass Commercial CEO Lynn Drake recently spoke for the Troy Chamber of Commerce on CRE Strategies During COVID-19. Here is the video from that presentation.   You can also view the PowerPoint presentation here CRE-Stratetegies-Troy-Chamber-4-2020.        
May 1, 2020Lynn Drake