Archive: January, 2020


  This building was recently for sale in Clawson, MI. The blue brick work gives it a compelling appearance, but when I opened the front door for a showing, there was no floor. Lots of luck to the future buyer.    
January 23, 2020Lynn Drake


  Only in Europe could a bathroom be so small. This one is located in London. The entire floor was a black chalk-like substance. Surprisingly, it wasn’t slippery.    
January 9, 2020Lynn Drake



New Year Kick Off

  2020 has arrived!!!! I hope this new year brings you and your family health and happiness. Last year was Compass Commercial’s most successful year in business. It was an unusually busy time, as I was also awarded the Goldman Sachs Entrepreneurs Scholarship, which kept me busy for the entire summer. Stay ... Read More
January 6, 2020Lynn Drake