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Letter of Intent:A letter of intent spells out the terms of an agreement to lease or buy commercial real estate. I usually use one when making an offer to purchase a property. It defines the location, price, and specific terms of an agreement subject to a contract being prepared and ... Read More
May 31, 2018Lynn Drake


Sometimes a business will win an account, and in order to fulfill their contract they need to open three new offices in 30 days. So, someone flies out to the new state and starts driving around trying to find a space. When they call to inquire about space and say ... Read More
May 25, 2018Lynn Drake


Executive Suite Definition: Many people don’t realize there are many alternatives to leasing an entire suite. For instance, you can often leas an executive suite; these are available in most major cities. You can lease one small office, mail service, answering service, or a large conference room by the hour. Start small ... Read More
May 23, 2018Lynn Drake


Ever greening Clause Definition: Most leases have an end date with an option to extend the lease expiration date by sending a written notice to the landlord. However, some leases automatically renew if the tenant doesn’t notify the landlord. We often see these types of clauses when a landlord is leasing ... Read More
May 21, 2018Lynn Drake



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May 17, 2018Lynn Drake


Interested in learning more about commercial real estate? Whether you are looking to move soon or just investigating your options, it is im-portant to stay informed. Because we are a tenant-only, representative your interests are our number one priority. If you want to stay informed about commercial real estate, sign up for ... Read More
May 15, 2018Lynn Drake


Every city in the US has zoning codes. These codes outline how a space can be used. For example, doctors often think they can lease space in any office building; however most medical buildings have additional parking requirements to accommodate their staff and clients and traditional office buildings may not ... Read More
May 11, 2018Lynn Drake


Traffic mistakes can be critical. If you visit your future business home in the middle of the day and there is no traffic, that doesn’t mean the situation will be the same at 8:00 a.m. or 5:00 p.m. If you are a retailer, you want thousands of cars passing your building, ... Read More
May 9, 2018Lynn Drake


Gross Lease Definition When the tenant pays rent as a lump sum amount and the landlord pays expenses from that sum.      
May 5, 2018Lynn Drake


Businesses spend a great deal of time looking for space and, signing a lease, and then they think they're done. While you can sit at a card table for a few weeks and wait for your furniture to arrive, if you don’t have phones or an internet connection, you can’t get ... Read More
May 3, 2018Lynn Drake