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For those who believe there really is such a thing as a free lunch and free rent, the game has changed, especially when it comes to leasing commercial space. Landlords are generally willing to give a free month, but the incredibly generous deals of the past are fading as buyer ... Read More
September 29, 2017Lynn Drake


When I managed the real estate for Kelly Services across North America, I was amazed how often people told us they needed more space than they actually required. One man had been with his company for 30 years. He had his office rebuilt even bigger than the president’s office, with extra ... Read More
September 20, 2017Lynn Drake


Your company culture might encourage people to flex their schedules and stay late in the evening or come in on weekends during crunch periods. Can your building accommodate you? Does it accommodate the hard workers down the hall at your expense? The big question is:  Who controls the thermostat? If a building ... Read More
September 15, 2017Lynn Drake


It really nags at me that there are firms out there who claim they’re representing your best interests when, in reality, they’re doing the opposite. Many are simply project managers and construction companies in disguise—not truly tenant representatives. Confused? Here’s How This Works: You’re looking for space, and you find a supposedly “good” tenant ... Read More
September 12, 2017Lynn Drake


September 6, 2017Lynn Drake