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Every city in the USA has zoning codes, which outline how a space can be used. One simple example is doctors, who often think they can lease space in any office building. However most medical buildings have additional parking requirements to accommodate their staff and clients. Therefore, traditional office buildings ... Read More
March 19, 2018Lynn Drake


March 17, 2018Lynn Drake


A listings agent’s job is to sell/lease you the space. They often exaggerate and tell the tenant the landlord will do anything to get them as a tenant. These are often verbal discussions and none of it makes it into the lease. The tenant is then mad at the owner ... Read More
March 15, 2018Lynn Drake


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March 9, 2018Lynn Drake


When I opened Compass Commercial in 2010, my goal was to provide a safe space for women and minorities to work. I joined ITRA Global because it is unusual to find women in Commercial Real Estate, much less to find them owning the business. I remember taking Marilyn Nix, from Real ... Read More
March 8, 2018Lynn Drake


The representation of opposing principals (buyer and seller) at the same time. In brokerage, many states get around this by saying that the agent aids the buyer but is the agent of the seller only. Michigan law states that if a brokerage firm has a listing, the rights of that landlord ... Read More
March 7, 2018Lynn Drake


Electric: 1.25 /s.f. 5000 s.f. leased 5000 x 1.25 = 60,000 60,000 / 12 months = 5,000/month  
March 5, 2018Lynn Drake


A must-read practical guide for do-it- yourself enthusiasts & aspiring real estate agents              
March 1, 2018Lynn Drake


The time in which a landlord and tenant enter into an agreement to lease space. This timing should be identified in lease agreement signed by both parties. For instance, if I leased an office for one year starting February 1, 2018 the lease would expire on 1/31/19. The lease term ... Read More
February 28, 2018Lynn Drake


If you have a business in Michigan like I do, your heating bills are much more money in the winter than a business that operates in Arizona. To calculate your heating and cooling costs, you first need to know how much per square foot the landlord is charging. In Michigan, many ... Read More
February 22, 2018Lynn Drake