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Tim McClain - Bio

Vice President of Human Resources
Tim McClain has an impressive background in sales, administration, national and international work, project management, staff development and consulting.
He has directed and developed training and installation of staff, electronic and senior level programs in the US, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and Australia.
Tim has spanned 25 years of corporate experience with Kelly Services involved with payroll center build outs and start ups, sales teams for process installs of all levels of onsite and customer delivery of Temporary and Professional candidates.
He has spent several years as a business consultant installing efficient budgeting, sales and service delivery processes to businesses in Canada and the United States saving clients time and money by installing radically improved sales programs, company structure, succession planning, human resource structure and incentive programs tied to profits.
In past years, Tim has been Involved in the United Way Campaign of Greater Detroit, the Boy Scouts of America, company development programs for employee recognition and multiple service programs for church congregations.

Bachelor of Arts, Ball State University, History and English
Master of Arts, Fordham University, Adult Education


  • Kraft and Phillip Morris. Sales Team and General Manager of staff build out for a 500 employee procurement center for a multimillion dollar Phillip Morris national promotion center in Lafayette, IN.
  • Kelly Services. VP of International Administration for accounts receivable, payroll and administrative processes for all of Europe, Mexico, Canada, US and Australia.
  • Senior Consultant for the George S May, Co, of Chicago Illinois, Kendal-Kline & Associates also from Chicago. Sold and Ran multiple projects for companies in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Kelly Services Field Offices and Branches (US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Eastern and Western Europe).

Phillip Morris
Hewlett Packard

Hull Brothers
Emissary Professional
Dirt Busters, Inc. of W Virginia

M&W Service of White Earth
Riddick, Babineau Law Offices, Virginia
McLean Construction, Canada